Hello everyone:)

I took a trip to Chernobyl in February, and the sight that met me there was terrible! I was in Chernobyl for the first time in 2007, and it's weird to se how it has decayed in such a short time. Just before I arrived, it fall down a large portion of the reactor roof. The chimney of the reactor is crooked, and in Pripyat is almost dangerous to enter the building because of the danger of collapse. It seems like the sarcophagus not will withstand so much more now, and that it is going down! Some have told me that they believe that the 30-kilometer zone will be extended to a 60-kilometer zone if the sarcophagus collapses. Let's hope they are wrong!!!

chernobyl201375_small.jpg chernobyl201376_small.jpg chernobyl201377_small.jpg chernobyl201378_small.jpg
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